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Kirby-Smith Associates has been involved in spiritually-based Capital and Stewardship Campaigns, Planning & Coaching Services, and Marketing and Branding Services since 1938. We have set up this website to focus completely on helping churches and Christian organizations with their marketing and branding needs. With the help of our marketing and branding partner, Kinectiv Graphic Design Services, we have built a strong team of people to handle all of your graphic design, marketing, and implementation needs.


Every day, we work with pastors, church leaders, ministries, and Christian organizations who are starting a campaign, want to develop a brand, design a logo, create a postcard campaign, a website, or some other communication tool. Most churches and organizations have neither the time nor, in most cases, the skills to complete these sorts of projects on their own.


That is where we can help. By doing what we do, we free up church, ministry, and organization leaders to invest a higher percentage of their time in their areas of strength and calling.


If you are a pastor, church leader, involved in a ministry, involved in a Christian organization or are a church planter, we want to help you. God has called you to lead your church in a specific way with a specific focus. Do not waste your time trying to figure out the best way to get a postcard printed or to design a logo...we'll use our gifts, abilities, and knowledge to do that work for you. Whether you are entering a Capital Campaign, re-branding your visual identity, promoting an event, or simply freshening up your website, we have a variety of materials and options for you!



Each design project is different. We customize your materials to best suit your wants and needs. If you use Kirby-Smith for your next design project, we will consult with you on all the details of the project, including size, design style, printing details, quantities, supplies or equipment needed to complete your project, and how to best market and implement your materials. Once details are discussed, we will send you a detailed cost breakdown. This will include the estimated design fee for your project, any printing and shipping costs associated with the project, and any extra costs associated with supplies, travel expenses, equipment expenses, etc.

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